Porky Pinwheels

exps34210_TH1115229D22 (1)These porky pinwheels look a lot more complex than they are. Just roll ’em out and put them in the oven and your guests will never know what little trouble you went to unless you tell them. Freeze some in a ziplock for the future.

1 pound of good quality bulk pork sausage

1 can of large refrigerated biscuits.

Roll out the prepared biscuit dough into a sheet approximately seven inches wide and ½ inch thick. Let the pork sausage come to room temperature so that it is easily spreadable and covers the surface of the rectangular biscuit sheet. Roll up, jelly-roll style, then slice the roll into ¼ inch discs. Place on a cookie sheet and cook at 450 degrees until lightly browned.