Cape Cod Cakes



We are fortunate to have friends with a

beautifully restored house on Cape Cod

who have been kind enough to share it

with us. The sea bounty of that peninsula

is overwhelming and the scallops, oysters,

lobster and fish dishes produced by

world-class restaurants make any trip there

memorable. These cod cakes are a standard

all over the Cape.

2 pounds of cod filets

¼ cup of red pepper, diced

¼ cup of yellow pepper, diced

1 teaspoon of cilantro, minced

6 ounces of mayonnaise

6 slices of day-old white bread crumbs

Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Poach cod in a little salt water with a bit of white

wine until cooked through. Chill fish and drain

well. Carefully break up into a bowl and fold in

peppers and cilantro. Incorporate mayonnaise

and breadcrumbs until lightly mixed. Season

with salt and white pepper to taste.

Roll small balls out of the mixture and flatten

on waxed paper to make patties. Refrigerate

for an hour and place cod cakes in a pan with

olive oil over medium heat. Brown each side

and heat before serving in a 350 degree oven.