Sweet and Hot Mediterranean Mini-Peppers

We had a fun crew in for the New Year’s weekend and

divided our time between catching up on our friends and

their families, enjoying delightfully long cocktail hours,

and sharing some delicious meals at home and on the

beach. The oysters were cold and salty, and our favorite

Vietnamese chef excelled with his lump crabmeat on

fried eggplant medallions. We served this appetizer that

featured “newly arrived in our supermarket” mini-peppers.

I decided to give them an Italian accent and it was a winner:

salty, sweet, hot, and flavor-filled.

24 baby red sweet peppers, marinated

1 cup of cream cheese

1 teaspoon of Italian seasoning

4 tablespoons of sweet chili sauce

24 pimiento-stuffed olives

Dill weed

Combine the cream cheese with the herbs and chili

sauce. Pipe into the pepper shells until they are

about three-quarters full. Press an olive into the

center of the filling, sprinkle with dill, and chill

until ready to serve.