Boiled Peanuts

One of the greatest roadside treats in the South is

the Boiled Peanut. Everyone has a favorite place to

stop and buy a bag…and usually you get a free

empty bag for the shells since no one ever waits

until they get home. The best boiled peanuts are

prepared from green peanuts that are available

from late summer to early fall. If you must use

dried peanuts, they can be soaked in brine overnight

before boiling. This recipe suggests using a pressure

cooker which saves hours of time and energy costs.


3 pounds of peanuts in their shell, washed thoroughly

2/3 cup of sea salt

That’s it! Place peanuts in a pressure cooker, cover

with water, and select the ten pound pressure weight.

Cook for 50 minutes after the steam begins. Let the

peanuts cool in the cooking liquid to absorb the salt.

You might enjoy adding other spices to the water such

as cayenne or a liquid pepper sauce. I am a purist.


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