Spanish Tortilla

If there is one appetizer that we have relied on consistently

over the years, it is a Spanish Tortilla, which is essentially

a potato omelet. It works very well as a do-ahead dish for

a cocktail party and we never have leftovers. Prepare this,

put it on your serving plate and refrigerate. Cut into cubes,

leaving it in place on the plate and put picks in for bite-size

servings. We enjoyed this with allioli or brava sauce in

Sevilla but it is delicious on its own. Don’t be intimidated

by this recipe…add crumbled bacon, chopped olives, or

thin serrano ham slices. Make it yours, alone.

4 cups of potatoes, thinly sliced

2 teaspoons of salt

1 cup of sliced yellow onion

6 eggs

Smoked paprika/Cayenne pepper

Fry potato slices in olive oil until they are slightly crisp,

drain, and salt. Saute onion slices until they are slightly

browned, about eight minutes, and drain. Beat eggs in

a mixing bowl for just a few beats and add potato-onion

mixture. Pour three tablespoons of olive oil in a six inch

saute pan and heat until smoking. Add potato-onion

mixture and shake pan to make sure the eggs are

well-distributed. Cook on high for a minute and lower

heat for three minutes or until edges are cooked and

the middle is still a little raw.

Invert a plate over the pan and flip the tortilla. Add a

couple of tablespoons of oil to the pan and slide the

tortilla, raw side down, back into the oil. Cook for only

a minute or two and remove from heat. Dust with

smoked paprika or cayenne pepper before serving.