Watermelon Sangria

What better way to spend a sultry summer day than

to sit in the shade with old friends by some body of

water, be it lake, pond, bay, or pool and sip this

refreshing beverage before a luncheon of bacon,

lettuce, and tomato sandwiches and sweet potato

fries…then a mandatory nap.

1 perfectly ripe, chilled watermelon with a flat bottom

½ cup of sugar

1 cup of water

½ can of frozen lemonade concentrate

1 bottle of white wine

12 ounce can of ginger ale

Cut melon in half, and save the half with a flat bottom

to serve as a punch bowl. From the heart of the melon,

remove four cups of melon balls and then remove the

rest of the pulp, reserving for another use.

Dissolve the sugar in water, combine the other

ingredients, adding the ginger ale and melon balls at

the last minute. Chill well before serving in tall glasses

with iced tea spoons.


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  1. Delicious…a lot tastier than trying to inject a watermelon with vodka which always leaks out!!!

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