Asparagus Wraps


This is an old standby that can be put together with very

little notice. We like it with fresh, crunchy, blanched

asparagus, if it is in season. Be sure and drain the spears

thoroughly if using the canned asparagus.


Thin sliced white sandwich loaf bread


Mayonnaise and Mustard Spread

Cayenne Pepper

Butter, melted

Sesame seeds



Cut the crusts off of the appropriate number of bread slices

and press flat with a rolling pin. Spread with a mixture of two

parts mayonnaise and one part mustard with a dash of cayenne

pepper. Place one asparagus spear in the corner of each slice,

roll up, and secure with a pick. Brush each wrap with melted

butter, sprinkle generously with sesame seeds, and bake in a

350 degree oven until lightly golden.