Chatham Artillery Punch

If you have never tasted this smooth and

ambrosial beverage, you must seek an occasion

and pour it up. I have only attended one gathering

where it was served and it was a happy, memorable,

and explosive event.

I have never tried the evil beverage since but

everyone agrees that if you have several

days with nothing scheduled and can lie abed for

a period of time, it is worth the doing. It is of

Colonial Georgia, precisely Savannah’s Chatham

Artillery Regiment, and evolved from an innocuous

ladies’ recipe at a military ball. As each officer

stepped forward, he spiked the punch with his

own liquor. Thus, the recipe developed. It is

reported in Savannah that it was offered up to

Admiral Schley, a hero of the Spanish-American

War and a guest of honor in the city. This old

sailor had a fine time but was reportedly

indisposed for two days following the reception.

3 quarts of strong tea

1 quart of equally mixed lime, lemon and orange juice

1 quart of brandy

1 quart of bourbon

2 cups of sugar

1 quart of sweet wine

1 quart of rum

1 pint of Benedictine

Pineapple Wedges

Brandied Cherries


Mix first eight ingredients together and let stand.

The longer the better. Pour one gallon of the mixture

over ice in a punch bowl and add one bottle of

champagne. Garnish with the fruit. Serve and

consume sparingly.  This is not to be offered at

any important event such as a wedding or family

reunion where discord would be unsuitable.