Smoked Scottish Salmon Spread

We love to make this smoked salmon spread a couple of

days in advance of a gathering for two reasons: it frees us

to spend more time with our guests and the spread needs

the time to marry its flavors. Don’t substitute lox for this

one, it requires the whole filet.

1 medium size smoked salmon filet

16 ounces of cream cheese, room temperature

1 large lemon

1 tablespoon of fresh dill

1 tablespoon of fresh parsley, minced

¼ cup of large capers, drained

½ cup of mayonnaise

1 cup of fresh cream

1 teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper

3 large cucumbers, peeled

Wash filet in cool water and drain thoroughly, pat dry and

remove every trace of silverskin. Zest lemon, and squeeze

the juice into a mixing bowl. Flake the salmon and add it to

the bowl along with the cream cheese, dill, parsley, capers,

mayonnaise, and black pepper. Cover and refrigerate. Just

before serving, stir in the fresh cream. Cucumbers may be

cut into one quarter inch slices and used, along with melba

toast, for spreading.