Hot Dates

I bet you thought you were going to read something

scandalous, didn’t you? You’ll just have to come back on

another day for that. These Hot Dates are addictive, fattening,

non-diabetic, and are quite likely to increase your cholesterol

numbers…but we don’t care, do we?

2 cups of dried dates

1 and a half cups of red wine

1 cup of pecans, toasted and salted

1 pound of bacon

Soak dates in red wine overnight in refrigerator. Drain well

and slit each date, remove stone if it has not been seeded,

and replace it with a toasted pecan. Cut bacon strips into thirds,

wrap each date with a bacon piece, and place on broiler rack in

a 400 degree oven. Watch closely and remove when bacon is

golden brown and crisped. Place on paper towels to drain and

serve warm with napkins.


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