Sangrita, a Tequila Chaser

Tequila…there are those who chase it

with lime and/or salt and those who really enjoy

a tart shot of sangrita.  Numerous brands

are available throughout Mexico and several

are exported, but why not make your own from

fresh citrus?  This is my favorite:

One cup of fresh orange juice

One cup of tomato juice

Three tablespoons of fresh lime juice

One teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce

One tablespoon of chopped onion

One pinch of garlic powder

Sea salt

Freshly ground black pepper

One half of a chipotle chili

Stem and seed chile, microwave on high for fifteen

to twenty seconds. Let rest until it is brittle.

Add, with other ingredients,

to a blender and liquefy. Chill and serve!





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  1. can’t wait to introduce friends to THIS beverage… I’m SURE it’s a crowd-pleaser!

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